Oktoberfest Tables

In Munich, specific biergarten tables are used inside the Oktoberfest tents. These tables have narrow table tops and benches. This is most likely in an effort to fit as many tables as possible inside the tent. As well, the benches at Oktoberfest are usually placed right next to the bench of the adjacent table and you need to stand on the benches to get in and out. Later in the evening, everyone in the tent is encouraged to stand on their benches to sing and dance. Surprisingly, despite their small size, these benches can easily support five grown men.

Table Dimensions: 87L x 20W x 31H Inches

Bench Dimensions: 87L x 10W x 19H Inches

Below are a number of companies that sell biergarten tables. Prices vary and not all companies ship worldwide. Be sure to read each business’ page carefully.

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