Munich’s Oktoberfest

The countdown to Oktoberfest has already begun. While this site is not specifically about the Oktoberfest in Munich, how could you have an Oktoberfest site without mentioning Munich?

This year’s Oktoberfest runs from Saturday, September 16 through Monday, October 3, 2023

Recommendations for Attending Oktoberfest:

If you think you can drink, be prepared.

Oktoberfestbier is stronger than your usual Bud Light clocking in around 6% abv. Along with that the beer is served in one liter steins. The number of beers will quickly add up.

If you want to get into a popular tent, get there early.

Planning on seeing the barrel tapping at the Schottenhamel? Be in line by no later than 6:00am. The crowds will be big but not too unruly although you may have to stand your ground while waiting until they open the doors.

Don’t pre-game Oktoberfest

Trust me from experience, it may sound like a great idea at the time but you will regret it later if you are trying to spend the entire day at the Wiesn.

To that point, Oktoberfest is a marathon of drinking, not a sprint.

There is nothing worse than over serving yourself in a foreign country, especially when you do not know the language. Plus, you don’t want to pass out and be labeled a “bierleichen” (German for “beer corpse”)

Stick with your friends

Once again, you are in a foreign country and you probably don’t speak German. While a number of fine Germans speak English, they may not understand your drunk talk. Make sure you stick with a friend at Oktoberfest. The buddy system doesn’t fail. Also, get a business card to the hotel you are staying at, that way when you are drunk and have stumbled the wrong way home it will be easy for a cab driver to get you back.

Please eat something

Beer is tasty and filling but food will keep you going.

Make friends with the locals and others

Nothing is better than meeting people from around the globe and enjoying a beer. Even if you are having a hard time understanding each other, it is worth the experience.

Have a good time

All in all, have a fun time. Don’t be a jerk. Nothing will ruin a fun beer festival than jerks. Try and keep your controversial talk at home and enjoy yourself. If you feel a situation is getting out of hand, be the bigger man and leave. Don’t get into a fight.

Bring cash in the form of Euro’s

Yes, there are ATM’s on the Oktoberfest grounds but cash is king in the tents.

Before you start drinking, find the bathrooms

Prepare for lines at both the men’s and women’s bathrooms throughout the day and remember:Herren = MenDamen = Women

Leave your cards at home, no drinking games allowed at Oktoberfest

Sadly, Oktoberfest is not Beerfest but there is plenty of entertainment all around that you don’t need drinking games. Anyways, they play their own drinking game every time Ein Prosit is played.

Listen to German music before you go

Become familiar with the music played at Oktoberfest. It will make the event more enjoyable. The locals might even like you more if you know some of their tunes.

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