Oktoberfest Songs & Wiesn Hits

Now that you have your food and beer, it is time to get your party jumping. Music is a key element to Oktoberfest. You may be surprised to learn that German brass band music, or oompah, isn’t the only thing played at Oktoberfest. In addition to traditional Blasmusik, you will hear popular German songs as well as a number of popular English songs. Below is a list of songs you will probably hear at Oktoberfest and should definitely be added to your playlist.

One song required on any Oktoberfest playlist is “Ein Prosit” because it is played every 20-30 minutes in the tents in Munich. Every time this song is played, guests are encouraged to stand up, raise their glasses and sing along. At the conclusion of the song, you should toast everyone around you and take a drink.